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Coughlin Computers
About Us
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Many customers like to know who is behind the business. Here we will describe our company history, our philosophy, and our staff.


This business was a dream of our owner, Matt Coughlin, who wanted to break the idea of an uncaring computer company. He became frustrated by the lack of personal service from the companies. Matt decided to create a company that built computers for the consumer and teach them about computers at the same time. Matt is only 17, which may turn people off at the idea of a computer that they will be using is built by someone younger than them. Matt plans to continue this business even after high-school graduation.

Mission Statement

Our business is dedicated to providing superior equipment and service to all of our customers. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business now and in the future. Computers are one of the most essential tools we use today. We are dedicated to delivering the best computer for your money without any unnecessary things tacked on. We will teach you everything you need to know or want to know about your computer. Our business wants to break the idea that computers are something to be feared.

Coughlin Computers * 16 Hawthorne Dr. * Franklin, MA * US * 02038

Computers built around your needs.