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Coughlin Computers
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Check here for any special offers we have such as refurbished computers or parts that we're willing to sell.

Here are some of our current specials:

- Refurbished Compaq computer. Brand new hard drive with upgraded processor and motherboard. ($350)

- Brand new SATA hard drive 160GB ($100)

Please remember that these are rebuilt or "right out of the box" new products. We guarentee that we have check the refurbished computers and have made sure that they run properly. We can't be held responsible if you have any problems with the computer after we ship them. We will help you but remember that they are refurbished and were broken at one point. We replace any bad parts but there may be a problem or there may an issue later on when you wish to upgrade.

These computers are cheap because they are outdated and have been maxed out to their full potential, please remember that.

Coughlin Computers * 16 Hawthorne Dr. * Franklin, MA * US * 02038

Computers built around your needs.